pure resveratrol


500mg of pure resveratrol per capsule. A powerful anti-ageing antioxidant, repairs DNA and damaged cells.


  • cross-icon Increases energy levels
  • cross-icon Repairs DNA and damaged cells
  • cross-icon Encourages telomere growth
  • cross-icon Supports genomic stability
  • cross-icon Reduces inflammation
  • cross-icon Boosts metabolism

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    Optima Max: Pure Resveratrol

    Optima Max Pure Resveratrol is our No. 1 Gold Standard sirtuin activator. With 99.9% purity, our best in class polyphenol combines with the Optima Max range to help sustain both SIRT1 and NAD+ benefits. Optima Max Pure Resveratrol is used as a dietary supplement to support neurological and cardiovascular health alongside boosting immune function and cellular regeneration.

    Resveratrol is part of a group of naturally occurring compounds called polyphenols. They have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory effects, protecting the body against damage that can put it at higher risk for things like cancer and cardiovascular disease. In foods it is found in minute quantities in the skin of red grapes, in red wine, peanuts, certain berries, and in dark chocolate, ranging from 5mg of resveratrol per 100g of mulberries to 1mg per glass of red wine. Our Pure Resveratrol supplements contain 500mg of pure pharma grade resveratrol per capsule. 

    How Does it Work?

    Further to its antioxidant effects, resveratrol is believed to activate your sirtuins. These are genes that produce enzymes of the same name, which researchers have indicated as key players in bestowing the health and longevity benefits of calorie restriction. In mammals, there are seven types of sirtuins, namely SIRT 1-7. SIRT1 plays a vital role in the regulation of cellular ageing; when SIRT1 genes are activated and produce more sirtuin-1, several parameters of the cells’ ageing process are positively altered. In essence, SIRT1 activation is believed to slow down the ageing of our cells.

    NAD+ is also known to fuel the activity of sirtuins, including SIRT1; the more NAD+ there is in our cells, the more SIRT1 can work effectively. One of these roles is to induce formation of new mitochondria, which we know to promote healthy ageing. Furthermore, studies have found that NAD+ can also activate another sirtuin, SIRT3, which is thought to maintain the smooth running of mitochondria.

    Laboratory studies report that NAD+ and resveratrol supplements work synergistically to help rejuvenate mitochondria and ward off the diseases of ageing.

    Key Benefits

    • Increases energy levels
    • Repairs DNA and damaged cells
    • Encourages telomere growth
    • Supports genomic stability
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Boosts metabolism

    Dosage and Storage

    1 -2 Pure Resveratrol capsules to be taken once daily as a dietary supplement.
    Store in a closed container at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


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