Boosts mitochondrial biogenesis, supports healthy ageing & longevity, and promotes glutathione production.


  • cross-icon Promotes Increased Mitochondrial BioGenesis
  • cross-icon Encourages Multi-Targeted Epigenetic Activity
  • cross-icon Enhances Energy Production
  • cross-icon Helps to Increase Longevity
  • cross-icon Supports Healthy Ageing
  • cross-icon Promotes Glutathione & Amino Acid Activity

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    Optima Max: Mito Miracle

    Mitochondria are tiny organs within the cells of our bodies that generate energy and power cells. Further to this main function, they are also responsible in helping to decide which cells must be destroyed, in absorbing and storing calcium, and in generating heat to keep us warm.

    When our mitochondria are dysfunctional, it can lead to decreased energy production and ultimately an increase in early ageing and such chronic diseases as metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, and neurological conditions.

    Mito-Miracle is an exclusive phytoactive supplement that works to improve mitochondrial function. It serves to boost energy, promote healthy ageing, and improve the quality of life. It also improves the functioning of vital organs, playing an active role in the prevention of chronic disease, reduces fatigue, enhances vitality, promotes fat-burning, and encourages the production of up to 20% more mitochondria through mitochondrial biogenesis.

    How Does it Work?

    Mito-Miracle has triple standardisation in 8% chalcones, 10% flavanones, and 0.9% ginsenosides Rb1, Rg1, Rg3. Its active components act synergistically and are responsible for multi-targeted action on epigenetic mechanisms related to increased mitochondrial biogenesis.

    One of the active components in our Mito-Miracle, Angelica keiskei, has been traditionally used in Japan as a powerful tonic drug, contributing to the healthier and extended lives of the people. These active components are essential for energy production, promotion of longevity, and healthy ageing. In addition to having antioxidant action, Mito-Miracle increases the activity of Glutathione Peroxidase and Catalase.

    Key Benefits

    • Promotes Increased Mitochondrial BioGenesis
    • Encourages Multi-Targeted Epigenetic Activity
    • Enhances Energy Production
    • Helps to Increase Longevity
    • Supports Healthy Ageing
    • Promotes Glutathione & Amino Acid Activity


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